Trademark: 88244720
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Status Date
Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Filing Date
Friday, December 28, 2018

Trademark Owner History

11 lamps; lighting apparatus and installations; chandeliers; ceiling lights; globes for lamps; Chinese lanterns; lamp shades; lampshade holders; standard lamps
16 posters; advertisement boards of paper or cardboard; albums; pictures; bookends; watercolours (paintings); paintings (pictures), framed or unframed; cards; cardboard; conical paper bags; transfers (decalcomanias); graphic prints; drawing boards; shields (paper seals); photographs (printed); figurines (statuettes) of papier mâché; graphic reproductions; graphic representations; photograph stands; portraits; flags of paper; placards of paper or cardboard; labels of paper or cardboard; banners of paper; bunting of paper; boxes for pens; tablemats of paper; bibs of paper; stands for pens and pencils; writing cases (stationery); tissues of paper; stickers (stationery)
20 display boards; curtain rings; cupboards; medicine cabinets; bamboo; benches (furniture); playpens for babies; cradles; library shelves; bedsteads of wood; wood ribbon; sideboards; desks; office furniture; furniture; index cabinets (furniture); filing cabinets; screens for fireplaces (furniture); chairs (seats); chaise lounges; head-rests (furniture); hat stands; display stands; clothes hangers; shelves for file cabinets; armchairs; chests of drawers; counters (tables); containers, not of metal (storage, transport); tables; trays, not of metal; bedding, except linen; cushions; tea trolleys; drafting tables; divans; cabinet work; school furniture; typing desks; placards of wood or plastics; curtain holders, not of textile material; beds; racks (furniture); flower-stands (furniture); flower-pot pedestals; covers for clothing (wardrobe); furniture of metal; magazine racks; slatted indoor blinds; washstands (furniture); lecterns; coatstands; furniture partitions of wood; mobiles (decoration); standing desks; pillows; umbrella stands; screens (furniture); clothes hooks, not of metal; bead curtains for decoration; table tops; doors for furniture; furniture shelves; curtain tie-backs; writing desks; seats of metal; sofas; settees; bed bases; statues of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; tables of metal; dressing tables; mouldings for picture frames; shelves for storage; lockers; mirrors (looking glasses); deck chairs; bolsters; trestles (furniture); keyboards for hanging keys; plate racks; wickerwork; showcases (furniture); air cushions, not for medical purposes; works of art of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; chests, not of metal / bins, not of metal; dinner wagons (furniture); picture frames; picture rods (frames); stools; figurines (statuettes) of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; baskets, not of metal; signboards of wood or plastics; trolleys (furniture); bamboo curtains; chests for toys; high chairs for babies; infant walkers; carts for computers (furniture) / trolleys for computers (furniture); woven timber blinds (furniture); book rests (furniture); indoor window blinds (shades) (furniture); hand-held mirrors (toilet mirrors); mats for infant playpens; towel stands (furniture); wall-mounted baby changing platforms; baby changing mats; paper blinds; interior textile window blinds; door bells, not of metal, non-electric; freestanding partitions (furniture); door knockers, not of metal; sleeping mats; door stops, not of metal or rubber; window stops, not of metal or rubber; shelving units; labels of plastic; console tables; bookcases; valet stands; bumper guards for cribs, other than bed linen; boxes of wood or plastic; cribs for babies; Moses baskets; legs for furniture; feet for furniture; wardrobes; footstools; shower chairs; head support cushions for babies; anti-roll cushions for babies; head positioning pillows for babies; poufs (furniture); steps (ladders), not of metal
22 hammocks; network; bags (envelopes, pouches) of textile, for packaging; mesh bags for washing laundry; dust sheets
24 bath linen, except clothing; banners of textile or plastic; table runners, not of paper; oilcloth for use as tablecloths; bed covers; mattress covers; bed covers of paper; tablecloths, not of paper; travelling rugs (lap robes); lingerie fabric; sheets (textile); eiderdowns (down coverlets); curtain holders of textile material; glass cloths (towels); traced cloths for embroidery; bath mitts; loose covers for furniture; bed linen; table linen, not of paper; household linen; towels of textile; coverings of plastic for furniture; table napkins of textile; handkerchiefs of textile; mosquito nets; pillowcases; door curtains; curtains of textile or plastic; face towels of textile; net curtains; coasters of textile; tablemats of textile; labels of textile; wall hangings of textile; pillow shams; place mats of textile; bed blankets; covers for cushions; fitted toilet lid covers of fabric; shower curtains of textile or plastic; diaper changing cloths for babies; blankets for household pets; sleeping bags for babies; baby buntings; sleeping bags; bed valances; crib bumpers (bed linen); fabric; furniture coverings of textile
26 edgings for clothing; buttons; fancy goods (embroidery); numerals or letters for marking linen; sewing boxes; pin cushions; braids; tassels (haberdashery); artificial garlands; lace trimmings; haberdashery (dressmakers' articles), except thread; haberdashery ribbons; needle cushions; top-knots (pompoms); rosettes (haberdashery); needle cases; boxes for needles; tapes for curtain headings; appliqués (haberdashery); sewing kits; ribbons and bows, not of paper, for gift wrapping; haberdashery bows
27 bath mats; floor coverings; gymnastic mats; mats; wallpaper; door mats; carpets; decorative wall hangings, not of textile; textile wallpaper; yoga mats
28 balls for games; play balloons; rocking horses; dolls' feeding bottles; toys; kites; rattles (playthings); dolls' beds; dolls' houses; dolls; dolls' clothes; dolls' rooms; toy mobiles; teddy bears; plush toys; stuffed toys; toy figures

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Mar 19, 2019
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Mar 19, 2019
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Mar 19, 2019
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Mar 19, 2019
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Jan 22, 2019
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Jan 1, 2019
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