Trademark: 88239290
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Tuesday, December 25, 2018
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Friday, December 21, 2018

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6 metal locksets; metal deadbolts; metal cam locks; keyed locks of metal; drain pipes of metal; metal flanges; metal gaskets for plumbing use; metal hose fittings; metal pipes and metal fittings therefor; metallic drain traps; metal roof vents for heating systems; metal hoses for plumbing use; metal fasteners, namely, nuts, bolts and screws; clips of metal for window and door screens; metal cabinet door catches; magnetic cabinet door catches; and metal extension poles for brooms, mops. squeegees and sponges
9 electric plugs; electric sockets; adapter plugs; electrical connectors; electrical connection boxes and plates for closing electrical connection boxes; electric switches; electric switches face plates; electrical outlets; electrical outlet face plates; electrical power extension cords; and voltage surge protectors
11 faucets; faucet aerators; faucet filters and fittings for mounting filters to faucets; flexible pipes being parts of sink plumbing installations; plumbing fittings, namely, valves, drains, drain traps, drain stoppers, spouts, valve handles, faucet stems, faucet washers, pipe caps, toilet tank balls and levers, toilet flanges, strainers for plumbing drains, hose adapters, and vent caps; shower heads; heat registers; ventilating exhaust fans and motors therefor; and electric light bulbs
17 garden hoses; non-metal hose fittings; plastic pipe and tubing for plumbing purposes; and non-metal rosette fasteners
20 door and window hardware made primarily of plastic, namely, tilt-latches, screen door handles, screen door latches, screen door locks, and screen retaining clips
21 brooms; washing brushes; buckets; scrub sponges; disposable plastic gloves for general use; squeegees for household use
The mark consists of stylized letters comprising the phrase "Road & Home", above which is a stylized image of a road represented by two wavy lines stacked on top of each other and separated by a thin empty space. A stylized image of a house in the form of two vertical lines and an outline of a triangle sitting atop the vertical lines with the bottom outline between the two vertical lines removed extends above the wavy lines and printed phrase.

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Dec 25, 2018
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