Trademark: 88238511
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Wednesday, January 30, 2019
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Friday, December 21, 2018

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7 Robot, pet robot, feeding robot, pet training robot, indoor autonomous mobile robot, household robot, industrial robot, education robot, security robot, cleaning robot, intelligent robot, advertisement robot, Performance displaying robot, service robot, controller for a robot, Fire detecting and fire extinguishing robot, guiding robot, camera robot, Remote control robot, robot for preventing negligent accident
9 Internet Protocol camera, CCTV camera, Monitoring camera, Webcam, Applications for Smartphone, Camera module for communication device, Internet of Things camera, Image recording apparatus for CCTV, Camera lens for biometrics recognition system, Software, Tablet PC, Wearable and portable media player, Device for recording/transmission/play of sound and video, Computer Application Software for Smartphone, Computer Application Software, Robot camera, Drone camera, Motion detection sensor, Home camera, Environment monitoring sensor
21 A Pet comb, A Pet food container, A Pet snack container, A Pet dish, A Pet cage, Non-mechanical pet water supplies, Defecation board for pets, A pet bucket, An automatic feeding non-electric device for pets, Pet food storage container for home, Scoop for disposal waste of a pet, Pet feeder of laser sensor type, Pet feeder of remote control type, Mobile pet feeder, Pet feeder of electric type, A pet snack bowl, A pet toothbrush, Electric pet brushes, A pet ladle
28 Pet Wood fishing rod, Pet Wood bed, Pet Wood scratcher, Pet Wood pole, Pet Wood Toilet, Rope Pet Toy, Pet Recreation tool, Pet exercise machine, Pet exercise equipment, PET TOY, Pet Toy with communication function, Pet Plush doll, Battery operated Pet Toy
31 Pet snack with dog gum shape, Pet drink, Pet chewing snack, Grain pet food, Pet snack, Pet food, Pet gum, Dry Pet food, Dry Pet snack, Pet Digestible chewing bone, Pet canned food, Pet sand, Pet sand paper, Pet wood shavings, Pet treat, Pet canned snack, Pet Compound food, Pet synthetic food
38 Pet beauty reservation and order site service, Pet Hospital reservation and ordering site service, Internet portal service for Pet, Mobile Portal service for Pet, Pet content providing service via internet, Pet picture and data Transfer service, Online chat room and notice board providing service for information Sharing of pets, Social Network Service for information sharing of pets, Blog and internet cafe providing service for information sharing of pets, Application connection providing service for information sharing of pets, Online community providing service for information sharing of pets
44 Pet breeding, Consulting service on pet management, Pet hospital services, Microchip subcutaneous insertion for tracking and identification pet, Tattoo service for Identification pet, Pet care service, Pet bath business, Pet beauty counseling service, Pet beauty shop, Pet nursing service, Pet grooming service, Pet beauty shop service, Pet cremation counseling service, Pet fish management service, Pet bird management service
The color(s) blue is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.
The mark consists of a shape that could resemble an "A" shape and an apostrophe to the right of the shape.

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Jan 30, 2019
Notification Of Non-Final Action E-Mailed
Jan 30, 2019
Non-Final Action E-Mailed
Jan 30, 2019
Non-Final Action Written
Jan 28, 2019
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Jan 15, 2019
Notice Of Design Search Code E-Mailed
Jan 14, 2019
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Dec 25, 2018
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