Trademark: 87872490
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Thursday, April 19, 2018
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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

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9 computer software for coordinating transportation, freight and delivery services by autonomous vehicles; computer software for electronic message alerts and notifications for transportation, freight and delivery services by autonomous vehicles; computer software for leasing or renting cars, facilitating vehicle inspections, coordinating, processing and facilitating vehicle purchase or lease, coordinating vehicle repair and maintenance operating vehicles; computer software for operating self-driving and semi self-driving vehicles; computer software for the autonomous driving and semi-automated driving of motor vehicles; control units for automated and semi-automated driving of vehicles; computer software for enabling interaction and interface between vehicles and mobile devices; autonomous drive technology, comprising electronic devices, sensors, radars, scanners; vehicle safety and control equipment, namely, an on-board vehicular system for driver assistance which is comprised of devices for controlling and interacting with vehicle and vehicle interior, GPS, cameras and monitors, steering software and hardware, navigational software and instruments, navigational apparatus for sensing environment and navigating the autonomous driving and semi-automated driving of vehicle; software for the autonomous operation, control and monitoring of motor vehicles; navigation apparatus for vehicles; navigation systems as part of an electric vehicle; electronic navigational, positioning and tracking apparatus and instruments; vehicle safety equipment for detecting traffic and objects, namely, cameras, radar apparatus equipment, laser equipment for object detection, laser measuring equipment for use in detecting traffic and objects, laser object detectors for use on vehicles, lidar equipment (light detection and ranging apparatus) all for detecting traffic and objects
12 vehicles, namely, automobiles; electric motor vehicles; self-driving transport vehicles; self-driving passenger vehicles; semi-self-driving transport vehicles; semi-self-driving passenger vehicles; electric land vehicle parts, namely, braking systems
39 transportation and delivery services by land; freight brokerage services; freight transportation by vehicle; leasing of vehicles; rental of vehicles
42 engineering design services; research, development, engineering and testing services in the field of automotive design; technology consultation in the field of automotive engineering; research into and development of autonomous vehicles; design, development and implementation of software; design, development and implementation of software in the field of automotive design and engineering
Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.
The mark consists of rows of mostly uniformly-sized dots forming a square, with some larger dots creating an image of the number 5 within the square.

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Apr 19, 2018
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Apr 14, 2018
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