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Thursday, February 1, 2018
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Saturday, October 14, 2017

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3 Laundry preparations and bleaching preparations; furbishing preparations, buffing compounds, grease removing preparations and abrasives; non-medicated soaps, perfumery, essential oils, non-medicated cosmetics, non-medicated hair lotion; non-medicated dentifrices; Sanitary preparations being toiletries; Shampoos for personal use; Soaps for body care; Deodorants for body care; Lotions for face and body care; Body milks; Shower and bath foam, Shower gels, Shower soap, Shower creams; Cosmetic creams and lotions; Beauty lotions; Shaving lotion; Moisturising creams, lotions and gels; Oils for perfumes and scents; Perfume; Body deodorants; Perfumed creams; Deodorants for personal use; Scented body lotions; Scented body creams; Perfumed oils for skin care; Room fragrancing preparations; Room scenting sprays; Household fragrances
5 Pharmaceuticals, medical preparations and veterinary preparations; sanitary preparations for medical purposes; dietetic food and substances adapted for medical or veterinary use, food for babies; dietary supplements for humans and animals; plasters, materials for dressings; material for stopping teeth, dental wax; disinfectants; preparations for destroying vermin; fungicides, herbicides; Nutritional supplements; Dietary supplements for humans; Dietary supplemental drinks; Mineral food supplements; Medicated food supplements; Food supplements; Nutritional supplements for medical purposes; Vitamin preparations in the nature of food supplements; Nutraceuticals for use as a dietary supplement; Food for babies; Medicine; Pharmaceuticals and natural remedies; Diagnostic preparations and substances for medical purposes; First-aid boxes, filled; Drugs for medical purposes; Cooling sprays for medical purposes; Medical preparations; Medical dressings, coverings and applicators
9 Scientific, nautical, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, checking, life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling electricity; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; magnetic data carriers, recording discs; compact discs, DVDs and other digital recording media; mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; cash registers, calculating machines, data processing equipment, computers; computer software; fire-extinguishing apparatus; Software; Assistive software; Downloadable software; Computer software packages; Teacher software; Recorded computer software; Games software; Computer programmes for data processing; Science software; Student software; Software for interactive television; Master of Education software; Downloadable cloud computing software; Multi-media recordings; Videodisc recorders; Combination video players and recorders; Recording apparatus; Computer programs for editing images, sound and video; Computer software for controlling the operation of audio and video devices; Interactive video software; Video streaming devices; Video digitisers; Video recorders; Computer networking hardware; Computer hardware; Covers for smartphones; Smartphones; Smart phones in the form of eyewear; Smart phones in the shape of a watch; Flip covers for smart phones; 3D spectacles; Virtual reality glasses; Smartwatches; Loudspeakers; Loudspeaker boxes; Cabinets for loudspeakers; Loudspeaker systems; Speakers for portable media players; Sports training simulators; Prerecorded fitness DVDs; Connected bracelets
10 Surgical, medical, dental and veterinary apparatus and instruments, artificial limbs, eyes and teeth; orthopaedic articles; suture materials; Medical and veterinary apparatus and instruments; Body rehabilitation apparatus for medical purposes; Medical furniture and bedding, equipment for moving patients; Medical clothing; Physical therapy equipment; Hearing protection devices; Orthopaedic and mobility aids; Prosthetics and artificial implants
12 Vehicles; apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water; Vehicles and conveyances; Buggies; Human-powered trolleys and carts; Electric bicycles; Tricycles; Unicycles; Electric bicycles; Bicycles; Racing bicycles; Vehicles for use on land; Mountain bikes; Go-carts; Motorised bicycles; Mini-bikes; Pedal scooters; Scooters; Touring bicycles; Tandem bicycles; Push scooters; Non-motorised scooters; Motorised and non-motorised scooters for personal transportation; Baskets adapted for bicycles; Bags for bicycles; Bicycle saddles; Saddle covers for bicycles; Water bottle cages for bicycles; Covers for foot pedals on cycles; Toe clips for use on bicycles; Bicycle bells; Fitted bicycle covers; Saddlebags adapted for bicycles; Fittings for bicycles for carrying luggage; Fittings for bicycles for carrying beverages; Saddle covers for bicycles or motorcycles
14 Alloys of precious metals; jewellery, precious stones, and semi-precious stones; horological and chronometric instruments; Chronoscopes; Cases for watches; Small clocks; Digital clocks; Clocks and watches, electric; Cases for watches; Bracelets for watches; Watch chains; Digital clocks incorporating radios; Pendant watches; Clocks and watches; Parts for clocks and watches; Electronically operated movements for watches; Parts for clockworks; Clocks and parts therefor; Ornaments; Jewellery boxes; Jewel chains; Jewellery charms; Ornamental pins; Necklaces; Brooches; Precious jewellery; Bracelets; Pearls; Lockets; Rings; Chains; Lapel pins; Pins; Custom jewelry; Tie pins; Time instruments; Jewellery boxes and watch boxes; Jewellery; Gemstones, pearls and precious metals, and imitations thereof; Jewels; Key rings and key chains, and charms therefor
18 Leather and imitations of leather; animal skins and furs; luggage and carry bags; umbrellas and parasols; walking sticks; whips, harnesses and saddlery; collars, leads and covers for animals; Bags; Bags made of imitation leather; Gentlemen's handbags; Bags for sports; Wheeled bags Bags made of leather; Bags for sports clothing; Garment carriers; Bumbags; Slouch handbags; Waterproof bags
25 Clothing, footwear, headgear; Baseball caps; Boots for sports; Gym suits; Sportswear; Sports caps and hats; Clothing; Headgear; Footwear; Boxing shoes
28 Games and toys; video game apparatus; gymnastic and sporting articles; decorations for Christmas trees; Cases adapted for sporting articles; Bags specially adapted for sports equipment; Machines for physical exercises; Body training apparatus; Video game apparatus; Sports training apparatus; Sports equipment
29 Meat, fish, poultry and game; meat extracts; preserved, frozen, dried and cooked fruits and vegetables; jellies, jams, compotes; eggs; milk and milk products; edible oils and fats; Milk shakes; Processed fruits, fungi and vegetables (including nuts and pulses)
30 Coffee, tea, cocoa and artificial coffee; rice; tapioca and sago; flour and preparations made from cereals, bread, pastry and confectionery; ices; sugar, honey, treacle; yeast, baking-powder; salt; mustard; vinegar, sauces; spices; ice; Muesli; Muesli bars; Cereal bars and energy bars; Snacks manufactured from muesli; Cereals; Snack food products consisting of cereal products; Processed grains, starches, and goods made thereof; baking preparations and yeasts; Oat biscuits; Breakfast cereals, porridge and grits; Foodstuffs made from oats; Oat-based food; Snack bars containing a mixture of grains, nuts and dried fruit
32 Beers; mineral and aerated waters and other non-alcoholic beverages; fruit beverages and fruit juices; syrups and other preparations for making beverages; Mixed fruit juice; Aerated juices; Squashes; Juices; Smoothies; Fruit juice for use as a beverage; Concentrated fruit juice; Protein-enriched sports beverages; Cocktails, non-alcoholic; Vegetable juices; Waters; Functional water-based beverages; Water-based beverages containing tea extracts
35 Advertising; business management; business administration; clerical services; Business consultancy and advisory services; Business consultancy to individuals; Consultations relating to business advertising; Business advice relating to marketing; Business advice relating to strategic marketing; Marketing; Advertising and marketing; Event marketing; Brand positioning services; Advice in the field of business management and marketing; Consultancy regarding advertising communications strategy; Provision of business information relating to joint ventures; Developing and coordinating volunteer projects for charitable organisations
36 Insurance services; finance services; monetary affairs; real estate affairs; Investment consultancy; Financial investment; Monitoring of investment funds; Trust investment services; Investment fund management; Fund investment consultation; Private client investment services; Mutual fund investment; Financial transaction services; Benevolent fund services; Charitable fund raising; Underwriting services; Insurance services; Insurance consultancy; Insurance agencies; Insurance underwriting consultancy; Insurance brokerage; Advisory services relating to insurance contracts; Advisory services relating to insurance claims; Insurance services relating to sport; Providing insurance information; Travel insurance
39 Transport; packaging and storage of goods; arranging travel tours; Planning of journeys; Travel consultancy; Operating of tours; Tour guide services; Escorting of travellers; Travel information; Travel ticket reservation services; Travel and passenger transportation; Travel agency and booking services; Personal tour guide services; Organisation of holiday travel; Tour reservation services; Travel agents services for arranging travel; Operating of tours; Travel arrangement; Travel agency services for business travel; Arranging the escorting of travellers; Arranging of tour guides; Travel consultancy and information services; Travel booking agencies; Planning and booking of travel and transport, via electronic means
41 Educational instruction; training; entertainment services, sporting and cultural activities; Production of training videos; Recording services; Production of video tapes for corporate use in management educational training; Videotape production; Videotaping; Audio, video and multimedia production, and photography; Exhibition of video films; Providing films, not downloadable, via video-on-demand transmission services; Providing television programmes, not downloadable, via video-on-demand transmission services; Provision of entertainment services through the media of video-films; Providing video entertainment via a website; Providing on-line videos, not downloadable; Services for the showing of video recordings; Training in communication techniques; Teaching services for communication skills; Provision of instruction relating to communications techniques; Educational instruction; Continuous training; Provision of training courses in personal development; Conducting of instructional seminars; Career counselling and coaching; Providing online training seminars; Providing of further training courses; Providing courses of instruction for young people; Organisation of youth training schemes; Conducting of instructional, educational and training courses for young people and adults; Physical fitness instruction for adults and children; Educational services provided for children Sports coaching; Sports training; Exercise classes; Sporting education services; Educational services relating to sports; Physical-education services; Tuition in sports; Training of sports players; Organisation of sports competitions; Educational and training services relating to sport; Educational and instruction services relating to sport; Provision of courses of instruction relating to sport; Information relating to sports education; Exercise advisory services; Keep-fit instruction; Physical-education services; Exercise training services; Physical training services; Fitness club services; Physical fitness centre services; Conducting fitness classes; Health club services; Provision of educational services relating to exercise; Provision of keep fit facilities; Physical fitness centres (Operation of -); Physical fitness instruction; Educational services relating to physical fitness; Instruction courses relating to physical fitness; Sports and fitness; Provision of educational services relating to fitness; Education services relating to the development of mental faculties; Education services relating to the development of the mental faculties of children, young people and adults; Organisation of shows for cultural purposes; Special event planning consultation; Sports officiating; Provision of training courses; Organisation of shows; Arranging of courses of instruction; Conducting of educational events; Providing cultural activities; Organisation of tournaments; Organisation of entertainment and cultural events; Organisation of shows for cultural purposes; Organising cultural and arts events
42 Scientific and technological services and research, and design relating thereto; industrial analysis and research services; design and development of computer hardware and software; Scientific research; Research services; Provision of research services; Research and development services; Consultancy relating to research and development in the field of therapeutics
43 Services for providing food and drink and temporary accommodation for guests; Restaurant services; Restaurant services provided by hotels; Providing food and drink in restaurants and bars; Providing food and drink for guests in restaurants; Take-out restaurant services; Serving food and drink in restaurants and bars; Café services; Hotels, hostels and boarding houses; holiday and tourist accommodation; Resort hotel services; Hotel services; Providing hotel and motel services; Information relating to hotels; Making hotel reservations for others; Hotel services for preferred customers; Consultancy services relating to hotel facilities; Booking agency services for hotel accommodation; Booking of hotel rooms for travellers; Hotel reservation services provided via the Internet; Travel agency services for making hotel reservations; Travel agency services for reserving hotel accommodation; Bistro services; Providing food and drink in bistros; Services for providing food and drink; Temporary accommodation
44 Medical services and animal healthcare services; hygienic and beauty care for human beings or animals; agriculture, horticulture or forestry services; Medical clinic services; Medical and healthcare clinics; Medical treatment services provided by clinics and hospitals; Nursing home services; Medical clinic services; Health screening; Preparing psychological profiles; Preparation of psychological reports; Psychological testing services; Psychological examination; Individual and group psychology services; Services of a psychologist; Psychiatric services; Psychotherapists' services; Psychiatric testing; Personality assessment services; Personality testing; Consultancy services relating to personal behaviour; Provision of information relating to behavioural modification; Psychological testing for medical purposes; Preparation of psychological profiles for medical purposes; Psychological treatment; Psychological care; Psychological counselling of staff; Psychological counselling services in the field of sports; Psychological diagnosis services; Behavioural analysis for medical purposes; Psychological assessment services; Psychometric testing for medical purposes; Holistic psychotherapy; Provision of information relating to psychology; Preparation of psychological profiles for medical purposes; Personality testing for psychological purposes; Psychological assessment and examination services; Providing psychological treatment; Psychological testing services
The color(s) black and red is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.
The mark consists of the word "KLITSCHKO" in capital letters in black font directly above a bar code design in red.
The Name "KLITSCHKO" identifies a living individual whose consent is of record.

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