Trademark: 85603237
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Friday, March 8, 2013
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Thursday, April 19, 2012
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Thursday, February 7, 2013

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34 Absorbent paper for tobacco pipes; Chewing tobacco; Cigarettes containing tobacco substitutes not for medical purposes; Hand-held machines for injecting tobacco into cigarette tubes; Hand-rolling tobacco; Hookah tobacco; Leaf tobacco; Molasses tobacco; Pipe tobacco; Roll your own tobacco; Rolling tobacco; Smokeless tobacco; Smoking tobacco; Tobacco; Tobacco filters; Tobacco grinders; Tobacco jars; Tobacco jars of precious metal; Tobacco pipe cleaners; Tobacco pipes; Tobacco pouches; Tobacco powder, namely, snus; Tobacco spittoons; Tobacco substitute; Tobacco substitutes; Tobacco substitutes not for medical purposes; Tobacco tins; Tobacco water pipes; Tobacco, cigars and cigarettes
35 Retail store services featuring tobacco products and accessories, namely cigarettes, cigars, lighters, cigar cutters, ashtrays, carrying cases, humidors, chewing tobacco and snuff, tobacco rolling machines
37 Repair or maintenance of tobacco processing machines
40 Rental of tobacco processing machines
The color(s) Red, Black, Gold is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.
The mark consists of The main picture is a shield. The shield is Gold in color. The top-left and bottom-right of the Shield are in red and contain the initials, "T" and "C" which stand for, "Tobacco Club." The top-right and bottom-left of the shield are in Gold and contain red fleur de lis. Above the shield is a gold crown that has been shaded on the right and left to show the curves in a crown. The crown has a gold fleur de lis drawn into it. Because the crown sits above the shield, the top portion of the shield has some shading to signify the shadow from the crown above it. On the left and right side of the shield along the upper half of the shield, but just below the crown are golden vines and leaves, which are present to signify Tobacco Leaves. Below the shield is a five-pointed gold star. Also, below the shield and to the right and left of the star are golded vines and leaves, which are present to signify tobacco leaves. The leaves add a touch of class to the logo and are also present to signify tobacco leaves. The crown shows that we will have nobility amongst out competitors. The fleur de lis to signify royalty and nobility and protection by the coat of arms. A star is defined as a mass that is held together by its own gravity. So, the star is present to hold up the shield. The shield is present to protect us against blows. The "T" and "C" are abbreviations for "Tobacco Club." The words "Tobacco Club" are directly below all the graphics and are gold in color.

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