Trademark: 79395511
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Friday, May 10, 2024
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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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9 Riding helmets; riding helmets; protective clothing for the prevention of injury; safety jackets for equestrian sports; downloadable mobile applications; sunglasses; spectacles; protective masks, not for medical purposes; downloadable virtual goods, namely computer programs featuring the following goods: shoes, clothing, headgear, spectacles, bags, sporting bags, backpacks, sports equipment, the arts, toys and accessories and goods for horses, the aforesaid goods for use online and in online virtual worlds.
18 Horseshoes; horse blankets; horse saddles; horse tail wraps; bridoons; knee-pads for horses; halters; reins [harness]; articles of clothing for horses; headbands for horses; training leads for horses; equine leg wraps; face masks for equines; harness for horses; equine boots; horse quarter sheets; ear bonnets for horses; rain sheets for horses; covers for horse saddles; saddlecloths for horses; spats and knee bandages for horses; leads for animals; riding saddles; jockey sticks.
25 Clothing; footwear; headgear; clothing for horse-riding, other than riding helmets; ankle socks; jackets [clothing]; fleeces; down garments; waistcoats; body warmers; riding shoes; riding jackets; riding shoes; riding gloves; chaps (clothing); morning coats; collars; stockings; clothing for gymnastics; belts [clothing]; boots; chasubles; sashes for wear; footless tights; caps; waterproof clothing.
35 Advertising; advertising, promotional and public relations services; retail services in relation to: cosmetics for animals, animal skin care products, dental products for animals and cleaning products for animals, deodorants for pets, washing preparations, vaccines for horses, insecticide shampoos for animals, vitamins for animals, cleaning preparations for animals, antiviral preparations, food supplements, scrapers, riding hats, riding helmets, therapeutic garments for animals, safety equipment for animals, horseshoes, horse cloths, horse saddles, horse tail wraps, bridoons for horses, knee-pads for horses, halters for horses, reins for horses; retail services in relation to: articles of clothing for horses, horse head bands, training leads for horses, equine leg wraps, face masks for horses, harnesses for horses, equine boots, horse quarter sheets, ear bonnets for horses, rain sheets for horses, covers for horse saddles, saddlecloths for horses, spats and knee bandages for horses, lead for animals, riding saddles, jockey sticks, crates and pallets, dog baskets, pillows, dog beds, horse combs, feeding troughs for horses, mane brushes, brushes for grooming horses, brushes; retail services in relation to: currycombs, horse brushes, clothing, footwear, headgear, clothing for horse-riding, ankle socks, jackets, fleeces, down clothing, vests, padded vests, shoes for riding purposes, riding jackets, horse riding boots, riding gloves, chaps, tailcoats, collars, socks, training wear, belts, bootees, chasubles, scarves, footless tights, chaps, waterproof clothing, horseshoe games, obstacles for equestrian competitions, toys and games; retail services in relation to: virtual goods for use online, namely, shoes, clothing, headgear, glasses, bags, athletic bags, rucksacks, sport equipment, art, playthings, accessories for horses and goods for horses; online retail services in relation to the following goods: virtual goods, namely, shoes, clothing, headgear, glasses, bags, athletic bags, rucksacks, sport equipment, art, playthings and accessories for horses and goods for horses.

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May 10, 2024
Sn Assigned For Sect 66a Subseq Desig From Ib

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