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Monday, October 3, 2022
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Wednesday, April 21, 2021
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Thursday, September 15, 2022

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9 Apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling electricity; apparatus and instruments for inspection, testing and monitoring of drilling equipment, downhole functions, pressure, fluids, gas, including communication between installations for well drilling; electronic and scientific apparatus and devices for use in petroleum engineering; electrical apparatus for use in the field of petroleum engineering; annulus monitoring and lockdown devices for wellhead
7 Machines and machine tools, namely, machines and machine tools used for underwater exploration, construction, and facilities maintenance and repair, and for construction, inspections, maintenance, salvage and exploration of underwater and marine structures; machines and machine tools for inspecting, cleaning and repairing oil and gas pipelines and equipment used in the oil and gas industries; coupling and transmission components for machines (except for land vehicles); compressors; separators, including separators for petroleum products; pumps, including pressure amplifiers; drilling rigs; drilling machines; derricks; drilling bits; drilling equipment (not included in other classes); tools; motorized tools and implements; machines for transportation, distribution and control of fluids; valves being parts of machines; metal valve blocks being parts of machines; machines and machines tools for installation of well drilling equipment; devices and systems for control, testing and monitoring of drilling equipment, downhole functions, pressure, fluids and gas; wellheads, geothermal wellheads, subsea wellheads, wellheads connectors in the nature of pipe fittings and flanges being components of oil and gas drilling and production equipment; pipeline repair tools; running tools; parts and fittings thereof; wellhead connectors; metal products for use in drilling and completion of oil - and gas wells and the production of oil and gas from wells, including well heads, christmas trees, valves, risers, riser couplings, pipeline couplings, sections for repairing pipelines, couplings for connecting pipes or tubes, metal pipe connectors, high pressure seals, geothermal well heads, subsea connectors, wellhead connectors, subsea wellheads, tubing hangers, casing hangers, seal assemblies, caps, crown plugs, casing and tubing heads, adapters, adapter and spacer spools, flange to connectors, threaded connectors, valve removal plugs, mud line suspension devices, washout sleeves, pipes; adjustable wellhead devices; subsea wellhead devices; surface wellhead devices; exploration wellhead devices; tie-back connectors; high pressure/high temperature tie-back connectors; casing connectors in oil and gas wells; tie back connectors; wellhead trees; wellhead dry trees; wellhead wet trees; wellhead devices; subsea wellhead temporary abandonment caps; conversion wellhead for oil and gas wells; wellhead wet trees, well tubulars; metal templates, wellhead couplings, manifold structures; all being components of oil and gas drilling and production equipment
6 Building materials of metal; common metals and their alloys; metal products not comprised in the other classes, namely, buildings of metal, building materials of metal, pipework of metal; metal goods for supporting oil and gas field conduits; metal goods for supporting conduits in jack-up exploration drilling in oil and gas fields; metal suspension clamps for oil and gas wells; reinforcement material of metal for pipes; non-electric cables and wires of metal (common); metal pipes, parts for metal pipes, piping, metal seals, underwater couplings, parts and fittings therefor
17 Flexible composite pipes and pipes partly made of metal for transport and transmission of fluids, including petroleum and natural gas, also water, hydraulic fluid, electrical signals and / or electrical power
42 Scientific and technological services and research and design relating thereto in the field of oil and gas exploration; product development in the field of oil and gas exploration; industrial analysis and research services in the field of oil and gas exploration; analytical services for exploitation of oil resources; oil-well testing; inspection (testing) of plant and machinery relating to oil wells; quality control of oil wells; geological sub-surface surveys; underwater surveys; consultancy related to oil exploration and oil field; design and development of underwater equipment, namely, underwater structures and other underwater equipment related to the development and production of oil and gas; floor plans related to constructions; technical project studies; engineering (technical expertise); design and development, and updating and maintenance of computer software

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